About Us

Our Story
Nice Scent Candle Company is where eco-friendly meets luxury. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia within the heart of the city. We officially launched February 2018!

Our Product
All of our candles are handmade, hand poured, and handcrafted with high quality ingredients. Each uniquely selected fragrance complements our 100% American grown pure soy bean wax that is all natural, nontoxic, clean burning, promotes a vibrant long lasting fragrance, and smooth surface appearance. All ECO wicks we use are zinc and lead free. Our all black sleek candle tins are reusable once the candle wax is burned down to a minimum, as well as our luxury glass candle jars.

Our Scent Names

Many of our distinct candle scent names are inspired by the varies cities surrounding the metropolitan area of Atlanta. How unique is it to live in Atlanta and have a candle dedicated to your city? Or if you are visiting Atlanta, wouldn’t it be cool to visit the area in Atlanta that candle is named after?

Our Vision

As we expand, the vision of our company is to ensure every popular city surrounding the metro Atlanta area has a dedicated candle from our line. Soon, we will be introducing room sprays, body butters, and sugar scrubs to our line. So whether you’re a candle enthusiast or an Atlanta native, Nice Scent Candle Company is the only sophisticated, sleek, luxury soy wax line dedicating candle scents to the city of Atlanta.