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About Our Company

Established February 2018, we are a small, Atlanta based producer of hand fragranced, hand poured, and hand packaged soy wax candles, wax melts, tealights, & air mists owned & operated by Shanice Wilson. Each of our products are made with luxury as our priority.

We hand-wick each candle with 100% cotton core wicks that are chemical free. Our hand selected fragrance oils are hand-mixed into our pure soy bean wax that is biodegradable, non-toxic, clean burning, & promotes a vibrant, long-lasting fragrant aroma. Our unisex packaging makes our line attractive to everyone! Each candle scent is well thought out and carefully matched with its aligned Atlanta city, street, or landmark.

The face behind the brand

Where Atlanta is expressed via luxury sc

Shanice Wilson is the woman behind this luxury brand. A semi-Atlanta native, she believes Atlanta influences the world and wanted to create a product that ensures the world can experience that via scents.


With no previous experience on how to make candles, in December 2017 she birthed the idea of becoming a professional, self-made Chandler. Shanice was inspired to create this line from her slight obsession for candles as an adolescence. Intrigued with wax & a desire to become an entrepreneur, she developed the name of the company by taking the "nice" out of her name and adding "scent" to the end!


As of April 2020, Shanice became a full-time entrepreneur as she lost her corporate job due to COVID-19. Through hard work, she was able to expand the brand to a candle studio in August 2020! 

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